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Getting a building inspection is simple with Betta Inspect It.
Your pre purchase property inspection Auckland report will list problems we find associated with your property to make sure your mind is at ease.
We have easy to understand building inspectors who are very experienced in the home and house building and property inspection services sector.
Our inspectors use different building inspection checklists to ensure the highest quality inspection is carried out and completed to a much higher standard giving you peace of mind.

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Before you buy a house, one of the things you should do is to have it looked at by a professional service house inspector.
Purchasing a home is costly enough as it is! Why would you choose to shell out hundreds more if you don’t need to?

The good thing about a pre purchase home inspection building report is that it can be utilized as a contingency in your agreement with the vendor. This contingency generally means that if considerable defects are exposed by a house assessment, you can back out of your purchase deal, without charge, within a certain timeframe. This can end up saving you a lot of money for the small cost of a house inspection report.

Pre-purchase house inspection Checklists

The typical pre purchase inspection lasts a few hours and you can be present for the inspection to get a direct explanation of the inspector’s findings and, if required, ask concerns. Also, any problems the inspector discovers with the thorough reports and building inspections will make more sense if you see them face to face rather than relying exclusively on the photo pictures and explanations in the report. The property inspection services reports can be produced within 24 hours of the site visit.

While it is impossible to list everything an inspector might perhaps inspect for, the following will offer you a general concept of what to anticipate. The pre purchase property inspector will finish a full assessment of the home. This will include climbing up into any crawlspaces under the home and utilizing a ladder to reach and examine the roof and other areas where health and safety allows.

The building inspections inspector will let you understand which issues are cosmetic and which could be more serious. If the foundation is not visible, and it usually is not, the inspector will not have the ability to analyze it directly, but they can look for secondary evidence of foundation concerns, like cracks or settling.

The building inspector will check more minor things like proper opening and closing, check the garage framing if it is noticeable, and identify if the garage is fit for purpose.

Inspections for first homes

House Inspection Services in Auckland

Our non invasive Auckland, New Zealand wide pre purchase building inspections building report will check for locations where roofing system damage or bad installation might permit water to enter the home, such as loose, missing out on or poorly protected tiles, and split or damaged sealing around vents. The building inspection reports will likewise check the condition of the seamless gutters. The inspector will also complete a comprehensive examination of the interior of the home.

The property inspection reports will examine all toilets and showers, look for noticeable leakages and evaluate the water pressure. They will likewise identify the kind of pipes the home has if any pipelines are visible. The inspector may recommend a secondary examination if the pipes are old to figure out if or when they may require to be changed and just how much the work would cost.

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Betta Inspect It is a premium home and building property inspection services professional. We offer fully comprehensive inspections for people buying or selling their homes or wish to find out significant defects or major maintenance issues of your current or future property. A house inspection offers value to all parties.

We are a nationally operating pre purchase property and building inspections brand that people highly recommend, and we have a great understanding of how to prepare and perform a building inspection on your home. Our building reports services are fast and efficient with a great reporting system and fast turnaround. Go ahead and book one for the home that you are looking to buy so you are not caught out on any expensive problems. Get in Touch now