Dont Chance it, call Betta Inspect It

Don’t toss a coin – Call Us!

If you’re weighing up whether to buy a house or property, don’t make a rash decision on the toss of a coin. Betta call us instead.

Our new visual building inspection reports work best when they’re most needed. That’s when potential buyers are faced with a difficult property decision that could go either way. If the house has serious issues – which could be anything from a bad case of piles, dodgy floors, faulty cladding, to a leaky roof – they’re often faced with a real difficult dilemma. “Is it a do-up or a total nightmare?”

“How can we really tell if it’s worth buying or something you should steer clear of?” they often ask. The short answer is – you can’t make this decision – unless you’re a qualified expert.

That’s where our independent building inspectors come in. They’re industry-qualified, often joining Betta Inspect It after years of hands-on building experience. That means they know exactly what they’re looking at.

Get them in to inspect the house and they’ll promptly report back. This information will come in one of Betta’s modern building inspection reports. These are full of photographs and straight-forward comments. You can book, pay for them and access them online. And, nine times out of 10, you’ll have the definitive info you need within 24 hours.

Betta Inspect It’s new reports are also proving popular with solicitors, mortgage lenders and agents. All major banks and lending institutions also accept them.

“I think they’re great reports, easy to read and understand. I like the colour system [which gets] 10 out of 10 in my book. Keep it up, you offer a great package for buyers,” one Bay of Plenty agent recently texted to us.

All that makes them a much Betta bet than taking a gamble – including making a 50-50 decision on the toss a coin.

Call us today on 0800 422 388 to book your Betta inspection.