How does our traffic light system work?

When our building inspectors visit a property and conduct a building inspection, they work in sections. There are 10 sections in our report, these are the exterior roof, roof space, external wall cladding, foundation and subfloor, plumbing system, electrical system, weather tightness, site improvements, pest, and potential hazards and any other points of interest could be mentioned and assessed. Each inspection section has an overall green, orange or red traffic light rating which is made up of headings that are rated throughout the report.

There are many different ways of reporting among the building inspection community. We believe our traffic light system is the fairest way to represent the property from the vendors, real estate agents, and purchasers’ perspectives. Some may say the traffic light system can cause buyers to react negatively. The image below shows actual data on the red traffic lights within a report. The data was taken from 571 building reports, to provide you with the confidence that the traffic light system allows for clearly interpreted advice that is fair.

As New Zealand’s largest building inspection company, we do thousands of inspections every year. All of our building inspectors act independently, which means their opinion is their own. This means that the opinions and assessments can vary from time to time. However, we try our best to keep all reports as consistent as possible.

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