Darryl Fawce: Ideal Home Inspector

Hutt Valley Home Inspector’s top tips

In the second part of our interview with one of our building inspections Wellington inspectors, Darryl Fawcet.

We asked him a number of questions we frequently get. Here’s what he had to say.

So what’s the general standard of building work you encounter?

“It varies. You see all sorts – from excellent to absolute crap that was obviously done by someone that thought they were a tradesman because they had a hammer and wore a tool belt (apron).”

Any common issues you’re coming across?

“Elevated moisture readings around showers and baths and poor construction detailing around high-risk junctions on the exterior of buildings.”

Tips for homebuyers as to what they should be looking for in a house or property?

“The overall appearance of a property and a gut feeling are a good guide. If it looks and smells well maintained it’s a good sign. If not, there are often likely to be issues to remedy.”

Tips on what people should do before listing their home and getting an inspector in?

“De-clutter the dwelling and spring clean. Clean up and tidy the outside of the property, the yard, as well. Weed and trim the trees and vegetation. Make it look like you want to buy it. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.”

So, are we a still a nation of DIYers or is that sliding?

“Currently, yes, but very quickly the next generation is sliding into “I’ll just get a man to come in to fix it or repair it’.”

And, asked for his general observations, Darryl gives the following advice…

“Pre-sale reports are a good idea to promote the sale of a property or to identify any issues that should be repaired prior to listing. If the later is the case and defects are identified, and are subsequently repaired, there is an option to have the repairs re-inspected and report amended to reflect the satisfactorily completed repairs.”

So, to book a home inspection by Darryl, call us on 0800 422 388.