Meth Testing Pass

Meth test stickers

Successful start to meth test sticker scheme

Increasing numbers of residential rentals in Dunedin and Otago now come with new “meth test passes”.

The southern city has been trialing the new round meth test stickers for the past few months. They work on a similar system to vehicle warrants of fitness – displaying the date the house, unit or flat passed its methamphetamine test by getting a negative result in independent laboratory testing, and carrying the inspector’s signature.

Betta Inspect It’s Dunedin/Otago owner-operator, building inspector Larry Greene, came up with the idea in conjunction with a local property manager and has begun issuing the stickers. “Everyone I have dealt with likes the idea.”

As a result Larry is working with property management companies who are now getting all their new landlords to sign up to ongoing meth testing between tenants, using Betta’s new sticker system. “If they’re not prepared to sign up they will not take on managing their properties.”

Existing landlords are taking a while to convince the additional cost is worth but out-of-town property owners, especially those from North America and Asia, already know the benefits and are proving much easier to convince.

While it’s too early to gauge what tenants think about the sticker scheme a couple have said they’re “happy” to see that the properties are “clean”.

The regular testing and associated stickers are also acting as a very visible deterrent to meth users. “Property managers are using them to keep meth smokers out of their rentals. The tenants concerned won’t take on these rentals. They’re scared of getting found out. So they stay away,” Larry explains.

In turn the owners and managers are also reaping the benefits that come with having a good reputation for offering good clean rentals. It’s also another positive way that they can market their tenancies.

Larry sees this as a “win-win situation” all round as the tenants, including families with children, can confidently go into a rental knowing it’s “clean”.

He also expects the testing and sticker scheme will prove popular with landlords with student tenancies ahead of the beginning of the next university year.

Once the meth test on a particular property comes back negative, Larry fills out its “pass” sticker and drops it off to the property manager. They then place the sticker on a door, window or other prominent place next time they visit it.

Now the scheme has proved its worth in Dunedin, Betta Inspect It is keen to roll it out throughout the rest of New Zealand in tandem with its national chain of inspectors.

Property managers and landlords interested in this can call Betta Inspect It on 0800 422 388 to arrange this.