Inspections for first homes

Tips On Choosing A Building Inspector

When it comes to buying a house in Auckland, finding the right house inspector can be just as important as finding the right house. Without a good Building inspectors in Auckland, you won’t know what things could be wrong with your new home until it’s too late.

If you’re looking to find the right house inspector for your new home, here’s a quick guide to help you make the best decision and find the right house inspector in Auckland.

1. Find Someone With Building Experience

Housing inspectors don’t necessarily need a specific qualification in order to be a housing inspector, finding someone who has experience in building or holds a formal qualification can be important. People with experience in how houses are built will know to check more specific places and be able to identify potential problems quicker.

2. Hold Them to the NZ Standard for Residential Property Inspection

While New Zealand does have a Standard for Residential Property Inspection, it’s not obligatory to hold a certification or be compliant with this standard. Some housing inspectors may even claim to be compliant without actually following through, so it’s vital that you do your own research before hiring one.

To avoid being scammed or hiring a housing inspector who isn’t actually compliant, make sure to get in writing the inspector is NZ4306 compliant and get proof of indemnity insurance (all compliant housing inspectors are required to have this).

3. Check an Official Site

All compliant housing inspectors will be listed on the New Zealand Building Inspector’s site or the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand’s site. Make sure you search for fully accredited building inspectors and avoid those who list themselves as members of BOINZ, as this isn’t an official accreditation.

Look at the inspector’s official website for professionalism, compliance and reviews. It is important that the building inspector you choose is professional and transparent. A website says a lot about the quality of the inspector.

4. Get a Sample Report

If you ask a potential inspector beforehand for a sample report, you’ll have a much better idea of what type of report you may receive. By looking over a sample report before hiring an inspector, you can avoid hiring someone who isn’t as thorough as you want or who doesn’t look at certain aspects of the house that you feel are necessary.

5. Ask Around

You can often find good house inspectors simply by asking around and getting recommendations. This can reveal both good and bad inspectors, so you’ll know which names to avoid and which names to contact.

6. Know What Services They Offer

Professional and compliant housing inspectors will happily tell you what services they offer and what all they look for during a house inspection. Asking them can reveal how experienced they are and if they’ll do a thorough enough job for you to feel comfortable with their assessment.

In general, a housing inspector will look for major maintenance issues and significant defects.


By following the above steps and taking time to carefully consider a housing inspector before hiring them, you can prevent yourself from making a mistake or hiring the wrong person. If you’re still unsure about an independent contractor, you can always look around for a company you can trust.