Dux Quest

What to look out for when buying a house – Dux Quest Piping

If you’re not new to the property buying game you would have heard of Dux Quest piping before. If you are new, then keep on reading, as it is something you need to be aware of.

Polybutylene Dux Quest piping was introduced in the late 1970s as a plumbing material. The product was used well into the 1980s also. Dux Quest was one of the first ‘plastic’ piping systems to be used in New Zealand after the use of copper.

So what’s the issue with Dux Quest?

This ‘plastic’ plumbing piping can leak. Dux Quest plumbing is now over 35 years old and past the manufacturer’s expected lifetime. The warranty period for it has also expired a long time ago.

Leaks in the piping are caused by the pipes either splitting down the length or at the joints. There is an increased risk of the piping leaking if it is exposed to excessive sunlight. If the piping has been exposed to sunlight, it will usually fail. This is because the ideal exposure time for Dux Quest piping is less than 30 days of direct sunlight. This time also includes the time is spent sitting in the back of a tradesman’s van.

You will find that Dux Quest becomes a real problem with homes that have very high water pressure. Leaks will often happen after an old low-pressure hot water cylinder has been replaced with a new mains pressure cylinder. This new cylinder will lift the water pressure dramatically in the hot water feed.

As with scrim, insurance companies will often refuse to insure a property if it has Dux Quest. We recommend that you make sure you check with your insurer.

How do I identify Dux Quest?

The colour of Dux Quest is usually black. It will look like plastic and is similar to the piping which is used for a garden sprinkler system. If your house was built between 1970 and 1989, it’s likely to have Dux Quest plumbing. The final clue to identifying whether it’s Dux Quest is that there is often a Dux Quest or Quest brand written in white along some sections of the black piping.

While we have explained how to identify if the property you’re looking at has Dux Quest, we always recommend you use professional building inspectors’ services. Our inspectors not only know what to look for because they’ve been builders themselves. They also accept the responsibility of identifying it.

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