Nasty Home Inspections

Dangerous NZ house nasties

The sheer number of hidden horrors it’s discovering under many homes has prompted further action by Auckland Council.

Concerned that one-third of all new constructions are failing their building inspections in Auckland, the council has taken the unusual move of publicly releasing two of its in-house training videos. These cover regularly seen building nasties – such as homes resting on their foundations and how some partly finished new-builds are already clocking up large numbers of faults. One was already 30cm out of level or whack and the walls hadn’t even gone up!

Both videos, and the accompanying comments, remind us all why getting an independent, expert pre-purchase inspection is so important – even if you’re buying a new home.

They also show why even long-time owners, should seriously consider getting their homes professionally inspected as well. It is a small price to pay to ensure their families live somewhere safe and sound.

Betta Inspect It’s inspectors carry out detailed building inspections. They’re for buyers, sellers and even people who have no intention of ever selling their homes.

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