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Asbestos Surveying
& Testing

Are you aware of the health dangers of living alongside asbestos? If you own a home, or are purchasing a house built before 1990 with any fibre cement-based product or a textured ceiling, the property may contain Asbestos. Our asbestos testing will remove any doubt.

Do you need any asbestos tested, an asbestos management plan or an asbestos survey?

Asbestos surveying and management plans to help you comply.

Why use us:

  • All inspectors and surveyors undertaking your work are BOHS P402 Qualified. A requirement within the WorkSafe best practice publication.
  • We are completely independent – not associated with any removal company.
  • We have a simple report layout and template written in plain English.
  • Our reports are recognised by all parties including WorkSafe.
  • Low-cost solution (due to our national coverage).
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Asbestos testing ensures you and your family are kept safe from any potential health effects associated with asbestos.

New Zealand’s health and safety laws now mean that houses made of asbestos-based products are causing homeowners and buyers major increases in their renovating costs. Residential landlords are also now legally liable for the costs incurred through asbestos removal and disposal.

Getting these potentially harmful products tested will ensure you are not taking any unnecessary risks and you’ll know exactly what disruption and financial costs you could be up for.

Betta Asbestos Testing:

  • All samples are tested by an IANZ Accredited lab.
  • Is completed with complete independence to ensure you are protected.
  • Is undertaken by industry-trained testing agents.
  • The areas where samples have been removed are sealed after testing to ensure you and your family do not suffer any potential health implications from the removal of the sample.
  • Reports are easy to read (simple yes/no answers).
  • Are compiled with you and your family in mind.

For independent advice call us on 0800 422 388 or book an inspection online.

Betta reporting.

Our reports are comprehensive yet easy to understand:

  • Simple yes/no answers.
  • Common sense and easy to read report.
  • Photographs of sample locations, samples and sealing.
  • Easy to understand commentary with limited technical jargon.

Download Sample Report

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