Providing peace of mind

Building Inspections

Ensure you know what you’re buying. Don’t leave this large investment to chance. Protect yourself and your family by ordering an intelligent house inspection report, a pre-purchase or pre-sale report or one of our building inspections.

The Inspection Process

Getting an intelligent house inspection by a building inspector gives you the peace of mind that you and your family are protected.

Why can you bet on a Betta Report?
You’ve found a house that ticks all your boxes, but how do you know it’s as good as it looks?

A Betta Report will:

  • Outline major defects and significant maintenance issues.
  • Be documented in a way that the inspector would if it was his own family buying.
  • Provide photographic evidence of any defects or issues noted.
  • Be written in plain English, with limited building jargon.
  • Articulate the inspectors level of concern via a ‘traffic light’ system.
  • Be written with complete independence.
  • Written to provide comfort and peace of mind.
  • Compliant with the NZ Standard for Residential Property Inspections.
  • Be provided in a quick turn-around time frame.

If you don’t get your building inspections before making an offer, we recommend you make your purchase conditional on a building inspection being done. That way if there’s a major issue discovered, you are in a favourable position to re-negotiate.

For independent advice call us on 0800 422 388 or book your inspection online.

Buying & Selling

If you’re buying a Betta Report can save you heartache and provide you peace of mind when you actually know what you are buying.

If you’re selling then a Betta Report can be a valuable tool in the sales process. It not only allows you to repair any major defects prior to going to market, you can also share your report with potential buyers to give them the confidence to submit realistic offers.

Before you put your house on the market, or buy a home it is important you have accurate information so you’re ready to start negotiating. Talk to us, New Zealand’s house inspection specialists, we will talk you through the entire process.

For independent advice call us on 0800 422 388 or book an inspection online.

Buying and Selling Inspections

house inspection

Betta reporting.

A Betta house inspection report is comprehensive yet easy to understand:

  • At a glance summary page.
  • Common sense ‘traffic light’ level of concern rating system.
  • Nine main report sections cover the entire building.
  • Photographs of major defects and significant maintenance issues.
  • Easy to understand commentary with limited technical jargon.

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