Condition Assessments
& Maintenance Schedules

Do you want to know an accurate condition and any visible defects associated with your property or portfolio along with a full maintenance schedule? If you value having quality data on your properties and are looking to be proactive rather than reactive with the maintenance, then look no further.

A condition assessment and maintenance schedule will give you all the information you need to proactively manage and maintain your property.

A betta report will:

  • Outline the condition of all the elements of the building
  • Document visible defects
  • Provide cost estimates for defects
  • Provide approximate replacement costs of each asset class
  • Be benchmarked using NAMS principles and practices
  • Schedule the information for ease of use and management
  • Documented in an easy to read and structured report
  • Have photographic evidence of findings
  • Be documented by a trained professional

No matter what your portfolio size is, big or small, a condition assessment and maintenance schedule will absolutely help you manage your asset. Providing you or your facilities manager with all the data they need to make informed decisions about the property. If you would like more information please call our corporate partner manager on 0800 422 388

Betta Condition Assessments and Maintenance Schedules make your life easier:

Why have an assessment and schedule undertaken?

  • Allow you to proactively manage the maintenance of your properties
  • Allow you to accurately forecast maintenance budgets
  • It provides you with a detailed account and benchmark of what you own or manage
  • It will allow you to understand the quantities required and make remote quoting very easy.
  • Provide detailed information for any funding requests required.
  • Offer transparency between all parties involved in the management and maintenance of the properties.

asbestos testing

Why use Betta:


  • All of our inspectors are industry qualified and trained
  • We have an extensive amount of experience
  • We have the capacity to handle both small and large clients
  • We are nationwide which gives consistency amongst reports
  • We can inspect residential, commercial, industrial, educational and community properties
  • We deal with both corporate, private and not for profit organisations
  • We have a centralised admin team and customer service team for a congruent approach.

Partner Programme

Betta’s partner programme is for property managers, large property portfolio owners, Iwi, Social Housing providers and government organisations. This programme is for regular uses of our services. We encourage you to join our partner’s programme so that you get an account manager, priority with the Betta Inspector, 20th invoicing and work order processing. Betta Inspect It is an approved maintenance manager and government organisation supplier.

For independent advice, please call us on 0800 422 388 or book your inspection online.