Providing peace of mind

Quality Assurance reports

Betta Inspect It provides quality assurance reports to protect yourself and your family by giving you assurance of works completed on a property.

Quality Assurance Reports

Have you had work done on your home and want a second opinion
because it appears to have been done incorrectly? How can you ensure
that your investment is being maintained to a high-standard? Betta
Inspect It is here to be your trusted third party provider of Quality
Assurance Reporting.

Our property Inspectors are seasoned professionals typically from a
building background with a deep understanding of diverse trades. They
can inspect the work you have had completed and provide you with an
independent assessment of the work completed.

Our reports verify that each trade has adhered to the agreed-upon
scope of work and that it is up to standard for current or future
tenants. Betta Inspect It will report if a tradesman has followed the
codes relevant to their work, keeping your property compliant and
reducing potential liabilities. We can also help you identify and address
potential issues before they impact your property’s value.

Book in your Quality Assurance Inspection today for $995.00 + GST &
receive your report in as little as 72 hours!

For inquiries or to schedule an inspection, call 0800 422 388