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4 Ways to be Proactive in Property Maintenance

What is Property Maintenance?

Different types of properties require different kinds of maintenance schedules. This is often determined by the level of occupancy, usage, and environment. Some of the common property types that require maintenance schedules include residential, commercial, and investment properties. Schools traditionally had or have groundskeepers to keep on top of regular maintenance. The Ministry of Education has put forward a nationwide initiative to assess and plan for any work that might need to be completed in schools.

Rental Properties

Real estate ownership and investment properties require regular maintenance to attract tenants, as well as comply with legal/safety requirements. Property Management companies can help landlords manage maintenance schedules, handle tenant requests, and ensure that the property meets occupancy standards. We have partnered with many Property Management companies to help establish maintenance schedules to assist them as they work alongside their clients and landlords.


Regular and cyclical maintenance of schools ensures the safety/well-being of students, teachers, and staff. Regular maintenance involves daily cleaning, minor repairs, and upkeep of school facilities. Cyclical maintenance involves more significant repairs or replacements, such as repainting, replacing flooring, or upgrading HVAC systems. Our inspectors use the Betta Inspect It and Ministry of Education guidelines for property maintenance of schools.

1. Complete a condition assessment and maintenance schedule

The Betta Inspect It condition assessment and maintenance schedule helps property owners & property management companies identify the current condition of the property to prioritise maintenance tasks. This type of report is also useful when planning a maintenance budget and scheduling the routine upkeep of required repair tasks. One of our Betta Inspect It regional property inspectors can help by assessing the property to provide a detailed condition assessment and maintenance schedule report.

2. Provide tenants or property managers with clear information when they move in

Providing tenants or property managers with clear information about their responsibilities, lease agreements, and maintenance expectations can help avoid misunderstandings or disputes. It’s critical when a new tenant moves in that written and photographic evidence of the property’s condition is provided. You can find more information on tenant privacy rights from the Privacy Commission.

3. Maintain a checklist of items and frequently inspect the properties

Regular property inspections will help you identify maintenance issues early and avoid costly repairs. It also enables you to ensure that the property is in good condition and meets occupancy standards. You can create a maintenance checklist that outlines tasks and inspection frequency. The frequency of inspection will depend on the property type and occupancy. The Tenancy Services website provides more information on property inspections and access rights for landlords.

School property inspections assess things like the state of the roof, paint and heating systems. Some services will need to be completed by a professional such as the electrical switchboards and maintenance on the boiler. Our inspectors from Betta Inspect It can assist with outlining in a report which school or grounds items require urgency. We recommend visiting the Ministry of Education property maintenance page to learn more about who should be completing the maintenance.

4. Proactively communicate with tenants or property managers

It is key to understand the needs and concerns of tenants/property managers in order to take the necessary preventive measures. You can create an agreed communication cadence that outlines how often you will communicate, who will be responsible for communication, and what topics you will discuss. Additionally, you can also inform them of any potential risks or issues and how you plan to address them. We recommend reading these tips on property management communication.

We’ve recently partnered with Ministry of Education

Betta Property Compliance is excited to announce our recent partnership with the Ministry of Education to provide property maintenance services to schools across New Zealand. Our aim is to work closely with the MoE to ensure that school properties are well-maintained and comply with regulatory requirements. 

Our inspection services include reports that outline the regular and cyclical maintenance required to help guide the repair works, and upgrades for each school facility. These might include painting, flooring, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Our team of experienced building inspectors understand the importance of maintaining safe/functional facilities for students, teachers, and staff.

Contact Betta Inspect It today to find out more about our services and how we can help you maintain your school or property.