Betta Inspect It bulletin

Betta BulletIin July 2016

There’s certainly been plenty of TV and other media coverage on meth contamination issues and the testing industry lately but not all of it informative.

If this has left you bewildered and puzzled you’re certainly not alone. Everyone who calls us about methamphetamine testing has also been very confused.

We, Betta Inspect It, have been trying our best to keep everyone – confused clients, referrers, corporate partners and friends alike – fully in the picture.

As part of this we’ve dedicated the latest July edition of our Betta Inspect It bulletin to explaining the main ways of testing NZ homes for methamphetamine or residue or contamination.

Our latest bulletin explains what the pros and cons of both DIY strip testing and lab-based testing are, how to understand your test results and how to compare them with the Ministry of Health guidelines using the new graph we’ve created. We also explain what type of testing our inspectors carry out and why. This insight should allow you to make an informed decision on this vexing issue.

So this information gets to everyone who’s interested here is a URL link to a PDF version of our Betta Bulletin July 2016, You can also download and printed out. If you’d also like to go on our electronic mailing list to receive future editions please email us at

If you’d like to book one of our meth tests call 0800 422 388.