Meth Testing Awareness

Meth matters month

Betta Inspect It is declaring May Meth Matters month as one way of pro-actively increasing awareness of Meth-related housing issues in New Zealand.

During the next 30 days we will regularly post a range of informative articles and links on this growing social, health and housing issue and general menace. We’re only too aware of how much it’s negatively impacting on the lives of growing numbers of unsuspecting Kiwi tenants, landlords, property buyers and owners.

While we independently test hundreds of homes, apartments and properties throughout NZ for people, we also believe we can help by keeping everyone informed.

The posts will include:

  • Meth menace slithers south
  • Test before you buy
  • Test before you invest
  • Tribunal’s Meth rulings send strong message
  • Meth test for due diligence
  • Landlords liable
  • Contaminated apartment forces eviction
  • Kiwi meth contamination cases rise
  • DIY kit warning
  • Buyers can do their own homework
  • So how much meth is getting into NZ?

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