Why you need a certified meth tester

Person smoking meth pipe

Why you need a certified meth tester

If you are buying a home you will already know that it isn’t a legal requirement that you have your property tested for meth, however, it is strongly recommended. You might be tempted to try to do it yourself, however, if it is to be a rental property the Tenancy Tribunal and your insurance provider will specify that the person testing the property for meth is certified to NZQA Standards.

Signs your home may be contaminated by meth

There is a variety of signs of a house being contaminated with meth. Below are the most common and easier to spot:

  • Yellow or red coloured stains in sinks or baths
  • Strong unidentified odour
  • Burn marks on the carpet
  • Red staining around the walls
  • Unusual ventilation systems or in unusual locations
  • Tape around the doors
  • Copper metal turning blue

What does meth do to your property?

Houses that have once been meth labs put their residents at risk of serious health consequences. Home-cooking meth spreads toxins to every section of the room where it is cooked and further. Nothing in the room will escape contamination – the carpet, the walls, the furniture, curtains, air ducts, and even the air becomes toxic.

When meth is cooked or even just smoked in a property, deposits of residue can be found on surfaces. This can have varying contamination levels and has shown to persist for months or even years. If you live in a property that has been contaminated with meth and not been cleaned, you may or may not start to feel unwell. Some people are known to be more sensitive, and symptoms will vary based on the levels of contamination.

There is very little research done into the health effects caused by living in a contaminated property. It is said that the issues that arise can be resolved by having the property commercially cleaned by a professional meth decontaminator, or simply moving out of the property. However, because the contamination does not naturally disappear, if you are exposed to high levels over a long period, long-term health problems can occur.

How much does a meth test cost?

There are a few different types of meth testing services available at Betta Inspect It, which means there are a few different prices. Below is a list of our current 2022 pricing:

  • NZS8510 Meth Composite Test – From $249 + GST
  • Urgent NZS8510 Meth Composite Test – From $399 + GST
  • Decomposite Meth Test – $99 + GST per tube
  • Detailed Meth Test – From $299 + GST

Why should you meth test between tenancies?

Do you own a rental property? Or perhaps you’re thinking about it. Well, it’s important to note that if you own a rental property there are a lot of rules and regulations you must follow. Betta Property Compliance has explained why it is important to have a meth test completed between tenancies, click here to read more.